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10 gjëra që i gjeni vetëm në shtëpi të gjyshes (foto)

Është shtëpi e këndshme e mbushur me kujtime të fëmijërisë. Shtëpia e gjyshërve mban gjëra që ju kthejnë në kohë, dhe disa nga ato gjenden në fotografitë e mëposhtme:

Filxhanë të vjetër

Slide 1 of 25: With their shag-pile carpets and padded leather recliners, most people share similar memories of a much-loved grandparent and their distinctive home. Maybe it's because we were young but their houses are strongly imprinted in our minds; filled with their quirky collections, endless books and homewares harking back to a bygone era. Take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these intriguing items you remember...

Kolltuk me veshje

Slide 2 of 25: A practical addition to your sofa or armchair, furniture covers keep kids’ grubby fingers away from smart fabric and are an easy way to freshen up a tired couch. The curious thing about the covers at your grandparents’ house is that they all seem to incorporate some kind of skirt. Whether this is a hangover from the Victorian preoccupation with covering chair legs or merely a decorative feature, it remains one of life's little mysteries.

Batanije punëdore

Slide 4 of 25: One of the most charming aspects of older houses is the prevalence of homemade and hand-sewn furnishings. Long before the days of IKEA and Pottery Barn, many women spent months laboriously cutting, sewing and basting patchwork squares to make quilts. The result was these beautiful bedspreads, destined to become treasured family heirlooms.

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Magnet për frigoriferin

Slide 6 of 25: Whatever happened to fridge magnets? Many of us can remember being tasked with picking out a novelty magnet for the grandparents when off at the beach or in the country. Taking pride of place on the kitchen fridge, these colorful (and adorably tacky) souvenirs are a reminder of past trips and quality time spent with friends and family. Such is the breadth of some of these collections, it’s a small wonder the fridge door doesn't fall off...

Perde nga dantella

Slide 7 of 25: Perfect for spying on the neighbors, these decorative lace panels adorn many a sash window in your average grandparents' home. While they were originally something of a status symbol due to the expense of fine lace, the proliferation of machine-made synthetic fabrics meant everyone could take their curtain twitching to the next level. Whether in the bathroom, bedroom or living room, a lace curtain is sure to lurk somewhere in your grandparents' house.

Dizajne të thurura në kornizë

Slide 16 of 25: One of the few sewing trends to have experienced a revival in recent years, cross-stitching was all the rage back in the day. Who doesn’t have a grandparent who agonized over an intricate floral border or heart-warming message during nights spent in front of the television? Such was the labor-intensive process, it's only right that these embroidered works of art took pride of place over the mantelpiece or above the telephone table once they were finished.

Gota kristali

Slide 17 of 25: Whether or not your grandparents are partial to the odd glass of whiskey, a set of crystal glassware is often a permanent fixture on the sideboard or on top of the drinks cabinet. Consisting of a cut-glass decanter with a faceted stopper and at least six whiskey glasses, this set only really makes the rounds at Christmas, but remains surprisingly free of dust. Bonus points if your grandparents have their names or anniversary date engraved in the glass.

Lodra pelushi të punuara me dorë

Slide 18 of 25: A miscellaneous collection of hand-knitted toys, threadbare teddies and slightly creepy china dolls is generally a staple of any grandparents’ house. Often carefully arranged on an accent chair or guest bed, they keep an eerie watch over the home and occasionally seem to move of their own accord… Why are they there? Not even your grandparents seem to know.

Tapeta muri

Slide 23 of 25: Designed to mimic everything from wooden boards and paneling to bricks and tiles, these mock papers could be found embellishing the walls of many a 1970s house. Whilst the following decade saw a move towards painted plaster, your grandparents’ house may still have the odd faux-wood wall.

Tualet të dekoruar deri në detaje

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